Pool Rules & Regulations

All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guests are welcome, however homeowners must accompany their guests. Please limit the number of guests, especially on weekends and holidays. The pool is not available for reservation. Everyone except the Homeowner and his/her immediate family is considered a guest.

All persons must be prepared to provide identification if requested by a committee member or management agent.

Only proper bathing attire allowed in the pool. Cut-offs will not be allowed. Plastic swim-diapers must be used for those who require diapers. An accident in the pool will force the closing of the pool for 24 hours.

Floats may be used if not of excessive size. Please limit the use of floats when the pool is crowded.

Radios and other audio equipment may be used. However, please maintain the volume so as not to disturb your neighbor.

Only unbreakable plastic items used for drinking or snacking are permitted in the pool area. This also applies to thermos containers and glass items carried in coolers. Broken glass is dangerous and may force the closing of the pool. Violation of this rule is subject to a fine plus damage liability.

Please use trash containers for all paper items and other debris to prevent potential damage to the filter system. Gum of any kind is prohibited for safety and sanitary reasons.

NO pets, leashed or otherwise are allowed in the pool area.

Rough-housing, running, ball-playing, and related activities cannot be permitted. Anyone caught climbing the fence, shall be evicted from the pool area and will lose pool privileges.

Pool furniture is for the use of Homeowners and Guests and must be kept on the deck.

Wheeled vehicles (bicycles, skate-boards, roller blades, etc.) are not allowed in the pool area. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are the only exceptions.

Please leave things as you would expect to find them!

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